Wednesday, February 23, 2011

An interesting music blogger:

Previously (in class) i had mentioned an interesting English blogger. I quoted his blog address incorrectly. For future reference his page is titled Lord of the Boot Sale (or forgotten vinyl), or just CLICK HERE!

A quick review of his site, in case you do not have time to visit right now:

I stumbled across this fantastic blog while researching an old song entitled "Margeret, our choir director" from Rollo and Bolliver. Know as the "Lord of the boot sale", this wonderful fellow rummages yard sales, boot sales, estate sales, flea markets, charity shops and other places one finds old vinyls that have been cast adrift (cheap!), takes the records home, and puts them up on blogger for your listening and downloading pleasure. The downloading took a bit of trial and error, but it is the right-click-save-game. He often has pictures of the records themselves, as well, which makes interesting viewing to go along with your listening pleasure. The songs seem to be exclusively from 45s, but as the collection is up to around 2000 hard to find/unique songs at this point, I have not trolled the entire collection. The songs I have seen/heard have been diverse and sometimes unique and are mostly very difficult to find elsewhere (sometimes for very good reason, other times just because popular music can fall into obscurity if enough time passes). I heartily recommend the Lord of the Boot Sale to anyone who has a passion for music and a little spare time on their hands.

Give him a click, it is well worth the time!

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